Preparing Your Holiday Wardrobe

Preparing Your Holiday Wardrobe
It’s time to start getting excited for your summer holidays! We hope you have a fun trip booked already, but if not, now is a great time to start looking while you still have a few months.

There’s no guarantee we’ll see much sun at home this summer, so a getaway to somewhere hot might be your best bet. But of course, planning your wardrobe is one of the most important preparation steps for any trip away. Here’s a quick checklist for you if you’re going somewhere sunny soon…

Funny slogan t-shirts
Let’s start off with our obvious recommendation – we do have a great reason for it, though. There’s a good chance that everyone will be taking photos of your whole trip, so make sure you wear something eye-catching that you’re happy to be remembered for wearing.

I been drankin t shirt
A great idea for a trip away with friends is to get funny t-shirts printed that reflect the personalities of each person, or the activity you think they’ll spend the most time doing (wine and beer themed t-shirts, anyone?).

Casual t-shirts and tops
Apart from the novelty shirts, if you’re going somewhere hot you need to be comfortable. One thing you can’t have enough of while you’re on a holiday will be casual tops and shirts that you can throw on regardless of what you’re doing.

Shorts (when appropriate!)
Whenever you go somewhere baking hot, you can guarantee you’ll see a few people desperately wishing they’d worn shorts, but for some reason they opted for jeans in 30-degree heat. By the same token, though, you don’t want to overdo it and get your legs out every day that it isn’t snowing. Find a balance by planning your suitcase smartly.

Carefully-chosen shoes
If you’re going by plane with only hand luggage or only travelling by road, weight will be a concern for your suitcase. With this in mind, you won’t be able to take a wide range of shoes with you (and no, we aren’t just talking to the girls here). Try to think rationally when selecting one or two pairs to take with you – which ones look right with most of your outfits, and which ones are the most comfortable if you’re going out exploring?

Try your outfits before packing
To leave you with one final useful tip, we would highly recommend trying on everything you plan to pack before it makes it into your suitcase. There’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking only to find that you’ve brought shoes that don’t fit or clothes that are completely inappropriate for the weather. Trust us!

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