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They say laughter is the medicine and we totally agree! Whether you’re a perennial prankster, a sarcastic so-and-so or just a bit of a joker, we salute you! The world needs more humour so don't hold back. And if you really want to make people smile, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that’ll help you to do just that.

Say hello to our collection of funny t-shirts, boasting big, bold slogans for maximum impact. Cheeky, honest and ferociously fun, they’re designed to make you look good, feel good and of course provoke a few belly-laughs.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your girlfriend giggle, your boyfriend burst into laughter, your work chums chuckle and your mum and dad despair, naturally!

We’ll drink to that!

We all think we’re invincible when we’ve had a few tipples but if you’re one of those pub or club goers who like to flash the cash, despite being on the brink of bankruptcy, you’re not alone! That’s why this is one of our favourite humour t-shirts. Walking (or stumbling) around with ‘My goal in life is to be as rich as I think I am when I’m drunk’ is sure to get a few nods of recognition from fellow revellers.

My goal in life is to be as rich as I think I am when I'm drunk

Choc ’til you drop

Let's be honest, it’s pretty much impossible to finish a bar of chocolate and not want another one straight afterwards, right? Well, we’ve got a funny t-shirt for all those who love the sweet stuff just a little too much. If you agree that ’The best type of chocolate is a lot’ then this is the perfect fit for you!

The best type of chocolate is a lot

Never growing up

We love this funny t-shirt which bears the slogan ‘The first 30 years of childhood are the always the hardest’ across the front. Why? Because we’re big kids too! We’re in no rush to grow up and we think that’s perfectly fine.

The first 30 years of childhood are always the hardest.

T-shirts for the talented

Specialise in giving hugs and eating junk food? This is the ideal humour t-shirt for you. With ‘Things I’m good at: carbs and cuddles’ emblazoned across the front, you’re not only showing your fun side but also being honest about your ‘talents’, so what’s not to love?

Things I'm good at Carbs and Cuddles

Allergic to Mondays

We don’t know many people that are fans of the working week’s first day but there are some who fear it more than others. Whether your job’s a joke or your commute couldn’t be more tedious, why not show your disdain for Mondays with our ‘Mondays should be optional’ slogan t-shirt.

Mondays should be optional

Want more laughs? Walk this way!

We’ve got plenty more where these humour t-shirts came from, so check out our full collection today and find yourself a top that’ll have your friends in stitches.

All our funny t-shirts are made from high quality cotton, are available in a variety of colours and sizes and there’s a slogan to suit every sense of humour.

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