Let Them See Your Funny Side - Without Saying a Word

Where would we be without humour? Like a steaming hot mug of tea, it never fails to get us through mundane Mondays, mind-numbingly boring meetings and the most awkward of occasions.

Laughter really is the best medicine. But let’s face it, there are often moments in life when it’s best not to express your sarcasm or sense of humour out loud. Luckily though, we have a funny t-shirt for all of those moments, so you can kick back, relax and let your clothing do the talking.

Comedy clothing just got a millennial makeover

Slogan t-shirts were huge in the 1990s and now, thanks to the explosion of internet memes and social media, they’re back to make an even bigger, better and bolder statement than ever before. Our extensive range of funny t-shirts have been designed to feature some of the most giggle-worthy gags and phrases inspired by the world today.

Take, for instance, our ‘I don’t have issues. I just have a subscription.’ t-shirt. How many of us feel like we’ve got more issues than Britain’s longest running weekly magazine right now? A large majority, more than likely! So, expressing yourself with this awesomely honest humour t-shirt is sure to raise a few smiles and prompt a nod or two of recognition.

Get noticed

Did you know that a good sense of humour can actually make someone more attractive? What better excuse to don an amusing slogan t-shirt from our Funny & Humour range! If you’re a single, slightly geeky guy looking to attract a mate, then the ‘My brain has too many tabs open’ t-shirt could do wonders for your hard drive…

Play to your weaknesses

Are you renowned for being the one who’s always late? If so, this straight-talking, funny t-shirt featuring the caption ‘I don’t even believe myself when I say I’ll be ready in 5 minutes’ will, without doubt, have all your friends in stitches (and everyone else admiring your honesty).

Cuteness overload

If you prefer a bit of cuteness thrown in with your humour for good measure then this fab and funny t-shirt is sure to tick all the right boxes. ‘I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like yoga, pizza or puppies’ is definitely one of our favourites here at Graphic Gear - and will probably be yours too.

Channel your inner child

Often find yourself living in a fantasy world, full of unicorns, magic and mermaids? If so, ‘I’m done adulting, let’s be mermaids’ is probably you down to a t. This cute slogan t-shirt is perfect for anyone wishing they could go back to being a kid again - sigh!

Discover more

There’s so much more for you to feast your eyes on in our vast collection of funny t-shirts. Available in various sizes and colours, there’s something to suit every type of humour and because all our designs are printed on high quality, premium cotton, you can expect to feel just as fantastic as you’ll look.

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