Sweat It Or Wear It? Now You Can Do Both!

Sweat It Or Wear It? Now You Can Do Both!

We all love the idea of being ripped and ready to lift a 120kg weight at the drop of a hat but let’s face it, some things are just way more tempting. Like cake. And pizza. And beer. And, well, just about anything that’s not good for you, really. Sound familiar? We thought so.

You’ve got to admit, surfing the internet is so much easier than actual surfing and running up a big tab at the bar is loads more fun than just running. But being able to poke fun at your lack of trying to stay fit? Hilarious!

Our vast range of funny gym t-shirts allows you to express your deep desire to burn those calories - and your rather epic failing at not quite making it to the treadmill. There’s also funny workout t-shirts for those who genuinely love to pump iron too, so whatever side of the fitness fence you’re on, there’s a shirt for you.

Running on laughter

Looking for a funny running slogan t-shirt? Try this one on for size. With ‘I run (embarrassingly short distances)’ emblazoned across the front, you’re bound to burn calories from laughter alone.

Lazy is the new lean

If laziness is your thing then you’ll dig our ‘Getting out of bed totally counts as a sit-up’ funny training t-shirt. Perfect for anyone who likes to see the positives in life.

Only got fries for you

Got a thing for fast food? Feast your eyes on our ‘Exercise? I thought you said extra fries’ top - it’s one of our favourite funny workout t-shirts from the collection at the moment.

Jogging? Jog on!

Funny running t-shirts don’t get much funnier than this one, featuring the slogan ‘I love jogging. To get donuts. OK, I drove’. We’re pretty sure you’ll be applauded for your honesty - and raise a few giggles too.

Sugar is sweeter

Who doesn’t want a buff body with abs to die for? But bring chocolate into the equation and suddenly that gym session seems like a really lame idea. This funny training t-shirt features the slogan ‘I want to have abs… olutely more chocolate’ and perfectly pokes fun at your preference for the sweet stuff, rather than the sweat stuff.

For genuine gym bunnies

If you’re one of those people who have a genuine passion for the punch bag or are crazy about cross-trainers, then you might want to wear something that reflects this. How about our funny workout t-shirt with ‘Life has its ups and downs. We call them squats’across the front?

Or if kicking serious ass at the gym is how you roll, our funny training t-shirt featuring the slogan ‘Wake up kick ass repeat’ is sure to get you in the mood for a killer workout session.

Want to see more of our funny workout t-shirts? No sweat! Our collection boasts plenty of options for those who shamelessly shun the gym or love to pump iron alike, all printed on the highest quality cotton. Ready, set, go

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